​Service - Commercial Fishing

Isbak Marine Service has large experience with everything within Navigation, Communication and Fish Finding Products, from the smallest to the Largest Commercial Fshing Vessels. 

Kongsberg Mesotech is represented by Isbam Marine Service in Denmark. Kongsberg Mesotech are delivering world class trawl Sonar for the international Fishing fleet. 

Simrad Kongsberg  is a very close partner to Isbak Marine Service. 

We can deliver and service everytning below:

  • Catch Monitor Sensor and System - ITI, TV80, PI og PX Multisensors
  • Fishing Echo sounders - ES70 og ES80
  • Sonar - SC90, SH90, SN90, SX90 og SU90
  • Trawlsonar - FS70 og FM90

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